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In order to be optimally prepared for the imponderables of life, HMI Sports is at your side. Whether for longstanding and established professionals, up-and-coming talents and newcomers:

with suitable insurance, financial and tax concepts, we are fully there for you.

An excerpt from our range of services follows:

Health Insurance

Whether as an employee in an association or an independent athlete: In Germany, it makes sense in various ways to provide private insurance in addition to statutory health insurance, which provides you with the best possible treatment. This suggestion also applies to foreign athletes whose possible insurance coverage does not waive the insurance obligation in Germany.

Temporary Total
Disablement Insurance

The optimal protection: A TTD insurance - this offers the ideal solution to compensate you for your loss of salary after the elimination of the statutory or contractually agreed upon payments. Even with longer forced breaks, you are able to work worry-free on your comeback.

Disablement Insurance

Especially in the sports sector, there are high risks regarding lasting injuries up to disability. However, even a partial disability may already lead to pension rights, although you are still fully active.  

Disablement Insurance

Whether on the pitch or in leisure time, whether through self-inflicted debt or through third-party fault: an accident can suddenly change your life quickly and unexpectedly. We are there to advise you.
What begins with a small misstep can often end in financial marginalized. Especially in professional sports, unexpected injuries can become a "rough foul game".

Disablement Insurance

Secure your valuable, hard-earned belongings with solutions tailored to your needs.

Companies/ BAV

HMI Sports specializes in this field. The topic of sponsorship in sport is an important building block in the marketing concept for companies and clubs.
We install implementation channels to save taxes and social security contributions and enable interest-bearing savings. Companies for Sports-enthusiasts can thus enter into a meaningful sponsorship for image improvement without additional financial burden.

Disablement Insurance

Keyman insurance can cushion or equalize economic risks in order to secure key positions or individual positions (trainers, physiotherapists in large and especially in small companies or in professional sports).

Young Talents

In a variety of sports, many young people are hoping for a career as professional athletes. While classmates focus on school and education, young athletes run the risk of a sudden and perhaps even definitive end to their careers due to a serious injury. With our product "Young Talents" we offer insurance protection especially for these young sports talents. With, for example, €2.500 per month, training, retraining or even the path to self-employment can be cushioned financially for three years.

Body Protection Coverage

The "Body Protection Coverage" was newly developed for our customers in 2019, which you will receive exclusively from us erhalten.

The special feature lies in the unambiguous link between a clearly defined breach and the associated payment. In the event of a case, there is no need for a lengthy medical assessment, and a much faster payment results than in the case of accident insurance after link tax. After the violation, it pays a lump sum, the amount of which depends on the nature of the violation and the tariff you have chosen (Basic, Comfort or Gold). For example, a crack of the anterior cruciate ligament corresponds to the following payouts: 3.000€ (Basic), 6.000€ (Comfort) and 9.000€ (Gold).

Primary wage
Disablement Insurance

According to Section 3(3) of the EFZG, regulations in Germany stipulate that a newly hired employee is not entitled to continued payment of wages during the first 4 weeks of the employment relationship. This, of course, refers to the case that the player becomes injured (or sick) or is injured/sick in that period of time.

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