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Sport & Sponsorship

HMI Sports specializes in this field.

The topic of sponsorship in sport is an important building block in the marketing concept for companies and clubs. We install implementation channels to save taxes and social security contributions and enable interest-bearing savings. Sports-enthusiast companies can thus enter into meaningful sponsorship with image improvement without additional burden.

An excerpt from our range of services follows:

Professional sports

Sport is taking on an ever-increasing position in our society. Today, professional sports are increasingly being developed into events, some of which are broadcast worldwide and attract attention. HMI Sports develops "risk management" concepts that underpin the security of budget planning and are therefore essential components of a sustainable success strategy. Even if a penalty doesn't go in the goal.

Amateur sports

Today, amateur sport is also professionally practiced widely and requires attention in all areas as an analogy to professional sports. Since amateur sport is usually the precursor to the later career of athletes, foresight is required.

Youth sports

Every professional has laid the foundations of his career at a young age. In cooperation with clubs and possibly already with agents, we develop scenarios that seriously and sustainably underpin the framework conditions for the career future of young athletes from the very beginning.


Associations are quite comparable to commercial enterprises. In addition to the presence of material values (club, home, sports equipment, etc.), one encounters a wide range of activities such as the care of minors, the implementation of leisure activities, club events and much more. These multi-layered levels of action also repeatedly involve risks that need to be hedged.

Sponsor Insurance

Sports sponsorship creates millions of win-win situations every day. The topic of sponsorship in sports is therefore an important building block in the marketing concept for companies and clubs.


For years, the services offered by associations include not only the organization of sports and event management, while membership fees include additional services such as insurance or services. HMI Sports offers advice and services that increase the attractiveness of the member community.

Event insurance

Whether it is personal injury caused by visitors from participation in events or property damage claimed by service providers –the organizers of events must pay in full for liability damages in particular and should be secured accordingly. As a basis, the protection of liability damages and risks from the general event operation can be carried out. Other building blocks include compensation for all costs alike from a possible failure or insuring artists against kidnapping or terrorist attacks. Event insurance from HMI Sports is therefore an indispensable building block for the risk management of events.

Eventualities Insurance

Whether you're awarding a "Whole in One" award at golf tournaments, refund the purchase price to buyers of fitted kitchens when Germany becomes ice hockey Olympic champion or unexpectedly descend into a lower league, you can easily secure the financial risk with a "contingency" insurance from HMI Sports.

Player Advisor Liability

Anyone who mediates and advises players and receives remuneration for them takes a high risk. Player advisors, intermediaries and agents are subject to regulations, some of which are very strict. In the event of damage, the game agents shall be fully liable. For example, if the player was injured in a transfer and the club was not aware of it, the agent is liable. HMI Sports offers a professional liability suitable for you in order to cover these risks.

Tailor-made individual insurance for individual risks

Thanks to our network and outstanding cooperation with all well-known and relevant insurers, every definable risk can be insured. HMI SPORTS is your contact for the individual protection of personal and material risks.

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