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Meet the people who make up HMI Sports.

You will reach us at +49 (0) 30 .88 91 88 13

executive board
Jürgen Hotes

CEO Founder (Headquarter)

Mob +49 (0) 172 .29 28 151

Andressa Hotes

Executive Assistant (Headquarter)

Martina Hoffmann

Executive Assistant  (Headquarter)

Celine Hotes

Junior Consultant (Headquarter)

Uwe Vorhauer

Senior Consultant Germany (Headquarter)

Artjom Tsentner

Senior Consultant Germany (Headquarter)

business consulting and sponsorship advice
Peter Köppen

Company Pension Germany (Headquarter)

international team
Wilm Kemper

Head of Expansion (Headquarter)

Theresa Samba

Senior Consultant (UK)

Klaus-Dieter Schymanek

Senior Consultant (USA)

Christian Giménez

Senior Consultant (Spain – Southe America)

Martin Schalow

Banker – Finance – Real Estate



Frank Schröder

Banker – Finance – Real Estate

medical team
Dr. Christian Roggenbuck

head of medical department (Headquarter)

Dr. Stefan C. Kuhlow

dentist (Headquarter)

Dr. Elmar Gieseke

cardiologist / internist



Andreas Jäger

physiotherapist / osteopath

Dr. Götz Geiges



Hans-Ludwig Gudewitz

pension / professional association



Gerrit Pülm


Marcus Haase



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