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Professional Assocation

The management of claims against the German Administrative Professional Association (“VBG”) as the institution of statutory accident insurance is a core component of our service portfolio. Whether as an individual or as a club, individual case or complete outsourcing: HMI Sports secures your rights thanks to decades of experience.

An excerpt from our range of services follows:

Injury allowance

The injury allowance is the "sickness benefit of the professional association". HMI Sports will help you with everything from application to payout. This allows you to fully focus on the healing process.

Costs of medical treatments

The statutory accident insurance may bear the costs of treatment, rehabilitation or accident pension after an accident at work or in the event of an accident on the way to work. Unfortunately, sufferers often have to confront that the recognition of the accident at work is always being fought in court. If benefits are rejected by the trade association, HMI SPORTS helps the insured to assert the claims.

Medical Report BG Claims

What injury was that three years ago exactly? Accurate information has implications for transfers, insurance agreements or pension rights. Use our service to create appropriate reports.

Pension rights

Have you already suffered injuries? We will clarify for you whether there may be existing pension rights.

Reimbursement of pension contributions

HMI Sports will recover contributions already paid for you if certain criteria are met. And even decades after the end of your career.

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