Legal and fiscal advice

In the course of their careers, professional athletes face numerous new situations, both legal and fiscal, in which they need solid, competent advice that considers each individual case.

The importance of legal matters in professional sports is something we witness almost daily. The legal experts in our network specialize in sports law and other key legal fields. They know what to look out for in new contracts, what your rights are and how to assert them, and how to handle everyday legal questions. Our own expertise allows us to connect you with the right expert for each challenge.

Fiscal matters and taxes are something every German employee or entrepreneur has to deal with. This is especially true for professional athletes – whether you are a veteran pro with high annual earnings or a new talent who just signed his first contract. The tax specialists in our network have long-standing experience with professional athlete clients and give you well-founded fiscal advice. We are more than glad to set up the right contact for you!