Asset formation and asset management

  • Investment advice
  • Investment fund brokerage
  • Review of existing contracts and investments
  • Brokerage of genuine photovoltaics projects
  • Advice on exploiting subsidies and government aids
  • Government subsidies for clubs, teams, athletes, and sponsors
  • “Green”, sustainable investments

 How we do it:

It’s easier than it seems: What we basically do is define the best-possible combination of finance products that meet your individual requirements. To this end, we listen carefully to your wishes and expectations.

A good strategy combines risk protection, asset formation, asset management and, last but not least, planning beyond your active athletic career towards retirement provisions. All in one well-rounded approach.

This approach can be adapted flexibly to changing circumstances. It can be expanded by adding key elements like a tailor-made mortgage or construction financing or an actively managed investment fund depot.